8th December 2013

As every Monday, Silvia started the class with a question. She asked us about Cognitive Style: what did we perceive in that moment? We usually had to write the answer and I wrote “satisfaction, light, temperature and words”.

She explain to us that Cognitive Style hast to be with the way we perceive, interpret and respond to information surrounding us. It is based on PNL and there are different styles: visual, listening and kinesthetic.

Howard Gardner drawn up a theory about multiple intelligences in which there are nine different intelligences: linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial, naturalist, intrapersonal, interpersonal and existential. We did the test based on his model and I was very surprised because I didn’t expect that results (my worst result was in kinesthetic type). My understanding was that kinesthetic related to emotions, but I was wrong.

We discussed about natural talent and effort / discipline. Some of us thought that most of the professional sportsmen have a natural talent since they were children, as Messi has. But others thought the opposite and gave the example of Nadal.

The class concluded with a video and a reflection: You can do everything you want to. If you really want to, you will find the way. You have to control your mind and never give up!

The first thing we did on Wednesday was to see a video about a Dove’s commercial. I hadn’t seen it before and it was impressive.

“You are more beautiful that you think”, the moral take us to that we are very critical with ourselves and we don’t realize how beautiful we are. That’s the main reason because some of us never approach to a model in a disco. The discussion was very funny. Some of us shared personal experiences about knowing people at a disco, how was our expectations and how influenced our life.

The theoretical part of the class related to the three dimensions of cognitive style: knowing, planning and creating. The perfect situation is having a mixture of the three. It’s also important to be aware of our attitude towards change. The challenge we face is to prepare world that cannot be predicted with the experience of the past. Either you adapt, you have to do fast! E-business has changed the rules… So the two dimensions we have to consider are tolerance of ambiguity and locus of control.

We saw a video of Google Glass and then we discussed about it and also about Amazon “drones”, the new way to deliver goods.

The last question was a definition of destiny. I think it’s the place I go to, my goals and the meaning of my life. Silvia told us that this is locus of control. Take action, don’t resist!


Los inicios de mi marca personal

No sabría decir cuándo empezó mi gusto por escribir. Cuando tenía quince años cualquier libreta, folio o cuaderno servía para garabatear palabras que con el transcurso del tiempo tenían poco sentido. Lo que sí tengo claro es desde cuándo este ejercicio me aporta momentos de desahogo y paz. Todo empezó después de mi 29 cumpleaños y que una buena amiga picara mi curiosidad.

He aquí cuando empezó todo: