1st December 2013

On Monday we started the class playing a fly and laughing at ourselves. In fact, it was very funny!! After that we refreshed previous classes and concluded with “what we do in life, echoes in eternity” as Gladiator famous quote says.

Our next step was to discuss about Personal Values: first question was what do they mean in my life? Well, all of us agreed in personal values are guidelines, part of our education, also a kind of alarm that alert you when something you’re doing is wrong.

Second question was which one is the most important? For me, the most important is honesty. But Silvia talked to us about integrity. I think they are quite similar, both mean you have to do the same thing you think. Even more, a real good manager has moral and knows very well what is good and bad.

During the discussion Karim and Silvia talked about the movie “The Lord of the flies” and everybody agreed to see the movie and discuss on Wednesday. The discussion was very interesting for me because of the idea of progress, the risks of leadership and the fears that appear when the rules aren’t written.

Silvia proposed an exercise in which we had to chose one person (death or alive) whom we want to talk for 5 minutes. I had chosen two people, my grandfather Bonifacio and my cousin Paco. I would asked my grandfather about the words he said to me at the hospital before died. And I would asked my cousin about the pain he had suffered because is the same pain my husband suffers.

Most of my classmates chose God or Jesus Christ and grandparents. I remember Rosemary chose Leonardo da Vinci. It was a great option!!

After discussion we had seen a video about the purpose of life.

In my opinion, it was thick but not heavy or boring. It has a lot of things to think over and reflect on: sometimes we just exist, not living. Society pushes us into having goods but not in being good and doing good. We have to realize what is in our hand as a symbol of our identity, our income and our influence….. Always in order to make the world a better place to live in.

I want to thank you, Silvia, for your classes and, even more, for this journal…. Sunday afternoon is becoming a relaxing time for me and my husband, having a conversation about your classes.



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