15th December 2013

It was the fifth week and we began to be comfortable. At the beginning of the class, more classmates shared their happy experiences during last weekend. After that Silvia asked us about good luck and we talked about our personal thoughts and experiences.

We finished the theoretical part of self-awareness with core self-evaluation and its dimensions. The videos we saw were related to the things we want to do before die.

Before I die, Story

Córdoba wall, Spain

And the discussion went into the difference between getting a life-style or just living.

As we do on Monday, we started sharing personal experiences about the day (Wednesday). I mean, what happens? What did we learn? And Silvia’s question was related about miracles. I think it was quite similar to Monday’s question but I enjoyed listening and forgot take notes (now I’m lost! I can’t remember more things about discussion…)

Silvia also asked us about thinking in a road. We supposed to ride a car through this road and we had to describe it. It’s amazing how subconcious mind works!!!  I wrote down every meaning because I wanted to share with some people (not only my husband). And I’ve done it!!! Thank you Silvia, it has given me some special moments with family and friends.

We also made a group presentation about strategies, actions and suggests in a company that wants to reduce the stress of employees. It was nice. All of the people in my group have worked together at least once and the issue is well known for everyone. The point is that we need to practice more!!! Maybe we would have the chance to repeat.



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