21st December 2013

On Monday we started the class talking about Silvia’s conference. It began with this funny video.

The moral is we have to look through words and pay attention on other things. So, the conference was related to body language and how we are responsible of the message we project to other people. In my opinion, the classroom, where the conference took place, wasn’t such as suitable as it was needed. Anyway, I was sitting at the front so I enjoyed it!

The topic about we discussed was stress. Managers are always exposed to stress and they have to project confidence and to react properly under stress because staff trusts them. Sales people, for example, also live stressful situations. The main issue is they have to sell things that they are proud of. Definitely, everyone is exposed from the aggression of predators. So stress is synonym of fear! All of us live in a continuous movement and we need going to balance, stopping resistance stress. If not, it will kill us!

Rose Mary talked about her jumping experience and Silvia explained us the physiological reaction. Cortisone hormone is a toxin which block us because it kills neurons very quickly. It’s a reaction of our body in order to defense from stressful situations.

We discussed about what we chase: living or looking for a life-style. Silvia told us to make our vocation, our vacation. But I think it’s very difficult. We also saw a video about reasons to live. It said that we have to forget the money and spend our life doing things we want to do or we like to do.

The theoretical part was related to the major elements of stress: time, encounter, anticipatory and situational.

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from hving too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve strated” -David Allen

On Wednesday, I haven’t attended the class because a SEUR manager came to EUDE. It was interesting and I’m grateful to you Silvia because I could come to talk to him about business strategy. I hope you will refresh this class I missed that is related to job interviews. I will have a very important one in January and I’m a little nervuous….



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