12th January 2014

After Christmas time classes began on Tuesday, so we had only one English class in the first week of the new year 2014. Unfortunately I had to a doctor’s appointment and I arrived late. I missed what classmates answered about question day, which it was related about Christmas holidays and what make us a better person. My answer was that my husband and I have had our first trip without Sofía. We had had a very good time in Córdoba.

The theoretical part of the class had to be about procrastination. It was the first time I’ve heard this word but we had been reading a text that makes it clear for me. It’s truth that we used to delay annoying or unpleasant tasks. I agree that we wait until the last minute to initiate projects because we spend a lot of time researching information or because of fear of failure. But I disagree that we work better under pressure.

We also talked about Time Management Skills and how we elaborate the matrix of types of activities distinguishing urgent from important.


There are a lot of things that we used to do and they aren’t urgent neither important. We need to short the time we spend with them. In the other hand, there are important but non urgent things that become urgent when we delay them. So we need checklists, schedules and priorities in order to perform better and minimize consequences.

See more about the biggest lie: “I have no time”



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