26th January 2014

Dear Silvia, today I want to write you a special journal. I guess you know very well the things I want to confess, but I need to do it!

I FEEL UNCONFORTABLE BECAUSE I DON’T FIT IN WITH MY CLASSMATES. They are very rude with me every single day, I mean, bad mannered, unpleasant, naughty… and not only in your classes. From the beginning in October, they looked at me different. And I certainly am! (more than fifteen years in some cases).  But I try to be as nice as I can when they fight against me. They often give me their back even in a group work. They love whisper and gossip during the class. And I hate it! I know I’m very sensitive but I can’t stand it! I’m very sad because I don’t want to change to evening group. If I do it, I will lose a precious time with my little baby. I don’t want to disturb you but I have to stop writing and cry few minutes: How can these stupid guys make me feel that? I’m very angry with myself but I can’t stop thinking and crying….Maybe I’m anxious because on previous Friday (17th January), I had the job interview I told you in Boston Scientific. It was entirely in English and I did my best. It is a good opportunity for me and I thought the job was mine. My contact in Boston like me to work with them, she offered me the job the first day I was unemployed. Boston people told me they would decide in a week. So on Monday morning my mind change a little about MBA. I passed all the week thinking in how it changes my situation. I want to continue studying MBA but I don’t want to stand my classmates behavior anymore. I guess I have to focus on good classmates and ignore others.

And after this speech…..let’s talk about your classes!

First of all, it was very nice to celebrate your birthday in class. I wish you enjoy cupcakes and tiramisu. The card of the Universe was fantastic for me. It told me: “If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone”.


Well, is a true that I feel I’m alone in classes… After that we saw a TED video of Elizabeth Gilbert about our creative genius and you insisted us in doing what we love.

I totally agree with you! I wish I will do in a short time. I’m thinking in self-employment even if Boston hires me.

We also saw other videos about creativity. I’ve shared some of them in social media. This evening I shared “29 ways to stay creative” video in Facebook.

On Wednesday we made groups presentation about fostering creativity in business and you gave us feedback about how we perform. I do appreciate it. Everything you said it’s true and made me think about my attitude.



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