9th February 2014

Silvia started the class on Monday as she does weeks ago. She made a question that was the beginning of discussion: What do you omit from your life? In that moment I said I would omit doing exercise because it is disgusting. Helena said she wouldn’t omit anything. I think it twice and I agree with her. Everything you live, it makes you as you are. After the little discussion, Silvia offers us the Cards of the Universe. While I chose a card, I was thinking about a project I want to put into practice with a friend. And the card said:


“It’s up to you. You have the resources and the tools. Keep it simple!” It was great, I like it!

Then we saw a video about “Millenians” and Silvia encouraged us to choose well our fell of endeavor.

She told us almost every class that the sooner we start the better! She is right, I’m nearly in my forties and it’s my time to do my own business and what I really enjoy. Although I always enjoy, I’m sure now that I have to take care of myself.

On Monday we also worked in groups about Ana Botella’s speech for twenty twenty Olympic Games. After writing up a new speech, every group did their presentation. Renzo’s was the first one and the most emotional too.

The next class began with the Cards of the Universe, again it was perfect for me.


“One day you will wake up and there won’t be more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW”. – Paulo Coelho

We shared the message and we started discussing about prejudices. We used to standardize and categorize people based on our previous experiences and also because of our insecurity. I do appreciate that Rose Marie told us about her experience at school. It’s not easy to talk about these kind of things.

Relating to prejudices, Silvia showed us a video called MIA born free.

It’s fiction but it was impressive! Everybody in class was fliped out. With this video Silvia wanted to commemorate the birth of Rosa Parks. She was the first black person who refuse to give up the seat to a white one.

The theoretical part was related to communication, about how accurately we communicate with other people. She introduced the concept of supportive communication to us. This is the type of communication that managers have to practice because it seeks to preserve, enhance and strengthen positive relationships between them and employees.

Silvia also spoke about Coaching and Counseling that are focus on abilities and attitudes respectively. She perfectly explained the problems in the daily management practice. I mean Disconfirmation and Defensiveness. When they come and how to resolve? It has to be with the principles of Supportive Communication. But we hadn’t enough time to go over all of them.



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