9th March 2014

We started the week with the Cards for the Universe. Gonzalo took a card for me and he returned it into the bag. So I couldn’t made my Instagram photo. But it didn’t matter at all. I was happy because he took my card. It said: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.

After sharing cards, we went ahead with theoretical class about the six elements of the motivational plan. They are: 1. Establish clear performance expectations and proper goals that has to be understood and accepted. In this moment we asked Silvia about the teacher who works for her. Silvia told us about the situation and how she managed it.  2. Remove personal and organizational problems of performance in order to foster a supportive work environment. 3. Use rewards and discipline to extinguish unacceptable behavior and encourage exceptional performance. 4. Provide internal and external incentives. In this point the question “Is the rewards worth the effort?” From my point of view, the answer has to be positive. If not, you have to evaluate how your effort is and do it better. If you don’t want to, it is preferred you to change your job. 5. Distribute rewards equitably. 6. Provide specific honest feedback on performance in order to reinforce productive behavior. I totally agreed with Silvia about behavior that is not reprimanded feels actually reinforce. Even more, honest feedback is difficult but grateful.

Then we made a practical exercise in which we were playing blindfold. We had to put ourselves in height order in a queue. Silvia told us not to speak during the exercise. At the beginning it was difficult for most of the people and they began talking to each others. They were having fun but they disobeyed the rules of the game. Anyway, I know I’m short, so I prefer to go to the left in the queue and wait for them. I didn’t want to organize the crowd in these terms. While I was going to the left I heard some of them shouting. I don’t like shouting at all. That is the main reason. But there are others…. There are a lot of people that want to be the leader and

On Wednesday, we started the class writing what is the things that we really like and dislike about the master. The majority talked about classmates as the good thing and the organization as the bad thing. I agreed up to a point. As Alejandro said, we are adults and supposed matures. We are studying a MBA and we had to prove we are at the cutting edge of circumstances. For me the thing I like is people in spite of everything. And the thing I don’t like is the general misunderstanding that occurs every single day about double master, online learning desk, teacher methods, etc… They are always complaining but doing nothing to understand. But this is my point of view and I know that only few of us think like that.

We were discussing about teachers and how they teach being or not a professional. Silvia talked us about CAP certificate that is needed to teach in public centers. I took CAP examinations ten years ago and I remembered it as an easy way to have a secure job in future. After giving some classes to teenagers, I decided not to teach Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics anymore.

Silvia gave us a sheet with a case we had to work in groups. It would be discussed the next week. After working the case, we saw the video for the exercise we made on Monday. It was very useful to analyze how we behave when we are blindfold.



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