23th March 2014

This week Silvia started the class talking about blinking slowly. It’s a signal of our brain when is processing information. Silvia thought we weren’t paying enough attention but, as usual, there were a lot of things to talk about with the classmate beside you, not with the whole class. Anyway, we saw a video related to the game we made last week.

It was a reflection about collaboration, differences between leaders and facilitators and also how to work under pressure. We saw another TEDtalk video. It was James Cameron talking about teamwork and how we can create a bond. He said it comes when there are curiosity, imagination and, the most important thing, respect you have for each other. He encouraged the audience not to put limitations on themselves and take risks.

After a little discussion, Silvia asked us to create our own mantra as poem that was a way to communicate with ourselves. It was very difficult because it had to have 4 verses and they had to rime. That’s why my mantra is awful….

“Carpe Diem

and take the risk!

Be strong,

dare to dream!”

On Wednesday we started the class with a little discussion about how we will celebrate the end of the English classes. Some of us suggested going on a trip to London or Ireland but Colombians and Venezuelans couldn’t go. So, the best way to celebrate would be having a dinner together. We will see!

We also took a Card from the Universe. Mine said “Love is the answer….” It was great because I had no question and Universe spokes.


The topic we started discussing was “Empowering and Delegating”. Silvia told us Empowering people means to help them to develop a sense of self-confidence, to help them overcome feelings of powerlessness, to energize them to take action and to mobilize intrinsic motivation to accomplish a task.

She also spoke about the dimensions of empowerment: 1. Self efficacy, 2. Self determination, 3. Personal consequences, 4. Meaning, 5. Trust.

We talked about Michelangelo and his commitment to paint Sistine Chapel. We also discussed about what the advantages of delegation are and how we would delegate effectively.

Today I have to give thanks (to God or Universe, it doesn’t matter…). The only thing I had in my mind now is the Card I took on Wednesday… My husband is getting worse. He was in bed with horrible headaches since Tuesday. Drugs didn’t work as used to. He had high temperature but he didn’t want to go to the hospital until today. But pain disappears if love is around you.

“Love is the answer….” for sure!



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