30th March 2014

Although my personal situation is far from being good, I want to finish my journal with a smile. I want to thank you Silvia for giving me the opportunity to receive your English classes mixed with management skills. I do appreciate it!!!


On Monday I didn’t attend English class. I had to run toward home as fast as I can. My husband was a little reckless and I had to pick up him from the street. Between Thursday and Monday we visited the urgency door three times. Drugs didn’t work at home. He had pain attacks more severe and frequently than he used to. Early in the morning he told me he was fine and I attended MBA classes. But when I phoned him he told me he was in the street sitting in a park. We were waiting for an important card from INSS about his sick leave and he went to the post office to take it. In the middle of the way he needed to sit down and he phoned me. Then I left classes in a hurry!

On Wednesday we started the class talking about final exam and presentations. After a little reminder we began the last topic, Leadership. Silvia talked about old theories that were oriented on the tasks or the traits and situational leaders. She also talked about the five levels of leadership. First level was the position. People follow you because you have higher position from them, in fact, because they have to. Second level was the permission. People follow you because they like you, you have influence on them. Most of the times, it occurs to managers who have emotional intelligence. I mean, they listen well and they observe and are conscious about what people do. They are servants of others. Third level was the production. People do what they see, not what you say. You have to lead yourself first and then lead by example.

We hadn’t enough time to the rest levels because Silvia wants us to see two videos, one about servant leadership and other about orchestra conductors.



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