Final Presentation

 “Health, Money and Love”

Good afternoon everybody. Thank you for come today.

First of all, we are finishing our English classes and I want to thank Silvia for let me be here instead of my level.

When Silvia told us we have to make a presentation I thought I had to be professional and try to talk about management skills, motivation, etc… But what I really want to do is talk about my personal experience and how these classes help me. Margarita presentation surprised me a lot and in that moment I decided to do it.


Well, I want to talk about “Health, Money and Love”.

Which one is the most important for you?

When I was on my early twenty’s I though the most important was Love. You know (I think) there are a lot of types of love. I grew up in a big family. My mother has six sisters and we were eighteen children. We have a huge house in our mothers’ village. It is located in Segovia and we went in every bank holiday. We had very good time together!! I also remember how my parents love each other and I wonder I would find out someone to share my life. When the first love came, I thought money was the most important thing. I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. My father didn’t approve my boyfriend because he didn’t like his family. They were born in the same village in Lugo (Galicia) and their families are rivals. I used to go there only on summers. But when we started going out, I need money for a mobile phone and for the trips. So, I began working at Burger King, although I was studying Chemistry and it was very hard. Simply, I need the money. It was 1997

My life turned around when my boyfriend left me in 2003. In spite I was the manager of Diversia Burguer King, I finally left the job in order to finish my degree. I did it on September at the same time. Then I began looking for a serious job and I got it on December. Two months later, on February I bought my house. In 6 months my life changed. I still though money is important and I worked very hard I earned a lot of money. I enjoyed life as each day was the first (not the last!). Everything tasted as the first time. But it wasn’t enough… Again I thought that the most important thing is Love, but I hadn’t romantic love in my life. It was my turn to be a crazy girl…and then Jose arrived!! It was 2007. I told you about that, didn’t I? It was a funny situation. He came to live in my house four months after we met. In two years we were organizing our wedding in Galicia and the first rare headache appeared. We will never forget that day. It was 2009 and we were in Lugo eating octopus in San Froilan celebration. On January 2010 neurologist diagnosed Horton disease to my husband……. I told you about that, so I don’t want to be boring and also I don’t want to cry….

In addition, the last weeks were terrible. While Jose was in hospital, two of my uncles were too. So my mind changed again and I would say the most important thing in Health. We can’t have anything else without health. We can’t enjoy anything without health.


To conclude, I want to explain the Mantra I had wrote. That it was: “Carpe Diem and take the risk. Be strong, dare to dream!” Carpe diem, that means, enjoy every day as it was not the last but the first! Take the risk as I do when I met Jose and also when all of us decided to came to EUDE, etc… Be strong, because life is not easy and you have to take care of people you love and they love you. And finally: Dare to dream because everything is possible, not impossible! Life is great instead of pain!

 Oh my God! I’m crying…..



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