24th November 2013

This week we went further into self-awareness. We discussed about what it means to us and is related to. We also talked about the difference between happiness and joy, about resiliency, which consists in recover your position after a problem or bad circumstances. We realized that we don’t really want to change because we are insecure people and we think we are not as good as we are. So, the secret key is a discipline, the power of controlling our mind.

I think that sometimes control my mind is quite difficult to me. But I’m sure I would control it!

Relating to this issue, we’ve seen a video called “inknowation” DO YOU DARE TO DREAM?

Spanish version

In my opinion, the most important thing of the video is how it explains the relationship between fear and motivation, emotional tension and creative tension. And how it has to be with believe in ourselves, manage fear, be patient and confident with our goals.

On Wednesday, we started the class with the question: What would you said to your younger-self?

And my answer was that I would said: “open your eyes” because during a long time I cannot see reality as it was. Nobody told me that I was making a fool of myself and when I realized I felt ridiculous.

To be honest, when Silvia asked me to settle on my answer, I went back to my youth time and those feelings came to me. I began feel embarrassed and tears came to my eyes. I’m so sorry for that. It’s one of my improvement points.

We also talked about how we can increase our self-awareness, about emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming. We have seen a video about an interview with Goleman, in which he explain that emotional intelligence has to be with how to manage you and your relationships, how you use your feelings for making decisions, how manage emotions and control your mind, motivation and empathy.