2nd February 2014

This is my tenth journal and I’m not sure I want to come back to the previous way to write it… I have few things to say about classes. So let’s begin and we see….

On Monday we started working in groups. The topic is the creation of an animal. Its name has to be with everyone in the group, so our animal’s name is MARALEGIACRIS. We built our presentation up from the things we had discussed the Wednesday before and we also wrote some slides in order to explain it better. But unfortunately when our turn of presentation came, it didn’t work properly. Maralegiacris is the name of four creatures, the sons of the Universe. They were created at the beginnings of the Earth and they live at the top of the highest mountains. They have reptilian skin, tiger head, six large legs, bull body, dragon winds and tail, and a Unicorn horn. They are the messengers for the Universe and each of them has a different duty: Recover our Lost dreams, Take care of environment, Run after Injustice and Poverty, and Look after Life.

Every group made their presentations and then we voted for the best creature. The winners had our recognition. In fact, I think they were the best in front of us during presentation. We buy them, not their creature. It was great, not only because of happy and crazy stories that we imagined and shared. But also because the day began horrible for me and it turned into a good day.

Monday began horrible because I received a telephone calling from Boston Scientific. The head of Human Resources told me I wasn’t the chosen candidate for the job. I tried to not being upset but it was very difficult. Marketing lessons weren’t enough for getting my mind away from the job and I finally forgot it in your class. Alejandro helped me a lot in the first part of the class while we were preparing presentation. He has a lot of energy and, even if he didn’t know, he gave it to me.

On Wednesday I couldn’t attend your class because I had to go to Sofia’s kinder garden in order to meet teachers. I’ve asked my classmates about what you did and they told me about the polemic Ana Botella’s video. If I understood well, we will read the same text in the blackboard. It will be fine for me. I want to practice presentations as much as I can. I am considering the possibility to present the final project in English. But I don’t want to look ridiculous. In the other hand, I want to take advantage of this MBA and the year I have to spend in it. So I think my goals have to be challenged. Anyway, I’m just wondering if I’m able to make it possible. Maybe only time would answer….


16th November 2013

My name is Marta García Gil and this is the first post for my Daily Journal.

First day of the English classes at EUDE was very surprising for me. Our teacher, Silvia Agustín, is also a Management Skills Instructor and she wants to focus not only in speaking English but developing personal, interpersonal and group skills. She spoke to us about her point of view relating to studying English in a Business School. I have to say that I do appreciate it. I think her classes are a gift! (Sorry Silvia, I have no idea how to write the journal…. I don’t know if I have to write like a diary, I mean, like talking to myself. Or do you prefer me to talk to you? Anyway, I will continue….)

We also read a sheet relating course goals, contents, requirements, procedures, evaluation and, what is more important, everyone participate with their own presentation and questions about classes.

Second day of class we’ve talked about self-awareness, about what we thought it means and, after that, we made an interesting exercise. We had to write and explain three questions: 1. What is what you do the best? 2. What is that you love doing? 3. What is what society needs?

My answers were that I think the best things I do are take care of my family and friends, cooking and be empathic. I love do most of them: take care of people, cooking and eating, traveling and also studying. In fact, this is the main reason why I’m at EUDE. And finally, I think society needs action people, with values and be compromised.