Comienzo de curso, comienzo de búsqueda

En septiembre comienza el curso para los escolares y también para los desempleados en búsqueda activa de empleo, en tránsito, o como queramos llamarlo. Es ahora cuando se me plantean muchas preguntas después de haber estado varias veces en esta situación……

¿Hay que preparar una entrevista de trabajo o simplemente hay que dejar que nuestro curriculum vitae hable por nosotros? ¿Es efectivo a estos efectos nuestro perfil en LinkedIn?¿De verdad tienen validez esas extrañas preguntas y pruebas que se incluyen habitualmente en los procesos de selección? ¿Cuál ha sido la entrevista de trabajo más rara que he tenido? ¿Estoy preparada para otra entrevista así? ¿Sufrí durante la misma? ¿Conseguí el empleo?

Y de la misma manera, al leer diferentes artículos, aparecen preguntas nuevas…. ¿Mentir en una entrevista de trabajo nos ayuda o nos pone en riesgo? ¿Estar nervioso delante de un entrevistador es positivo porque indica que estamos motivados? ¿O es negativo porque muestra que somos no tenemos autocontrol? 

En definitiva, de lo que se trata es de superar una entrevista de trabajo y prepararse para ello.  Gracias por la reflexión…. @Yoriento

¡En ello estoy!


19th January 2014

It was the eighth week of English classes and we began with every Monday question about weekend. Silvia caught us with the opportunity to take a card of messages from the Universe. It was the first time for us and it’s a great idea. I know that some catholic people do the same thing with a Bible. You have to think about something you’re worried about and God talk through Bible words. Some of my relatives do it. And as I said, I think it’s a great idea because I do it few times and it was impressive.

The first thing I thought when Silvia told us how the cards game works was about my horrible family weekend. The Universe said to me:

hellen keller

Well, I had sense… I’ve been pessimist all the weekend. I’ll try not to be anymore! Thank you, Silvia. Thank you, Universe!

The other thing we’ve done on Monday was a mind-map about the purpose of our own life. It required an emotional effort but it was fine. I think everyone has to do it at least once.


More about making a mind-map,

And more……

On Wednesday we started the class asking the Universe through Silvia’s cards. This time mine was in blank…. At first I thought Universe hadn’t the answer yet. But now I think maybe I wasn’t the person who has to make this question to Universe because it referred to my husband.

Anyway, the topic was creativity. We discussed about stereotypes. Clara said something very interesting that I haven’t realized until then: Stereotypes are not always bad thoughts about others. They can help us to approach people we don’t know yet. It has to do with reptilian brain and the 4 seconds that our brain takes to recognize someone as a friend or as an enemy. Silvia had explained it to us during her conference.

Well, the accurate topic was “resolving problems creatively”, why managers should be creative in their approach to problem solving?

We discuss about what means to each of us. I remember (because I used to take notes….) somebody said that creativity is based on people necessities. And also it’s based on seeing something different than others see. Everyone agreed problem solving is a skill that is required of everyday living because we are always selling ourselves. Even more, there are few people that sell themselves very well. We talked about Lady Gaga, but I thought in a friend of mine.

At the end of the class we worked in groups on how can managers foster creative problem solving and innovation among people whom they work?


12th January 2014

After Christmas time classes began on Tuesday, so we had only one English class in the first week of the new year 2014. Unfortunately I had to a doctor’s appointment and I arrived late. I missed what classmates answered about question day, which it was related about Christmas holidays and what make us a better person. My answer was that my husband and I have had our first trip without Sofía. We had had a very good time in Córdoba.

The theoretical part of the class had to be about procrastination. It was the first time I’ve heard this word but we had been reading a text that makes it clear for me. It’s truth that we used to delay annoying or unpleasant tasks. I agree that we wait until the last minute to initiate projects because we spend a lot of time researching information or because of fear of failure. But I disagree that we work better under pressure.

We also talked about Time Management Skills and how we elaborate the matrix of types of activities distinguishing urgent from important.


There are a lot of things that we used to do and they aren’t urgent neither important. We need to short the time we spend with them. In the other hand, there are important but non urgent things that become urgent when we delay them. So we need checklists, schedules and priorities in order to perform better and minimize consequences.

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