2nd March 2014

As every Monday, Silvia asked us about how was the weekend. For me was very busy because on Saturday I attended to a conference in EUDE campus. It had to be with entrepreneurship. The speaker didn’t show any slide but he had been talking about interesting things for hours. It was very good. I learned a lot of tips.

Silvia talked about taking into account that people around us want to seduce to go around. It’s the temptation of distraction.

After a little discussion, the theoretical part of class about the topic began. It was MOTIVATION. The first thing she told us is that the real motivation starts always in ourselves and lack of ability is the main cause of lost motivation. So it’s very important to make employees involved with the company. How we can make them feel committed with the company?

The answer comes when values are the same for both parts. We have to focus in several things, for example, in company vision, in career plans, in creating proud and confidence, in empowered them to take actions, etc…

Manager leadership involves trust in employees treating people equally and responds them as mature individuals. It also involves recognize employees’ work and reward them.

There are some minimum hygiene factors laying out motivation. They are working conditions, job security and salary, work and life balance, policy, peer relationship and supervision.

On Wednesday Silvia offered us a new version of the Cards of the Universe. As always, it was great. Cris Angles took one card for me and it said “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest words are these: “IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. Dare to dream” It was a happy surprise that Cris took my card. I do appreciate it.


Silvia took one for all the class and it said: “Remember, everything counts”.

After sharing cards, we saw a video about the incredible story of Arthur.

It really impresses some of us. He was very encouraged. I guess I will the same.

When we started the theoretical part of the class, Silvia opened the discussion with a real example that occurs to her these days. The conclusion would be that it wasn’t what it seems.

Managers need a model to guide them and their enquiry process. Performance is ability and motivation. Ability means aptitude and training resources. Motivation means desire and commitment.

There are several motivational theories, for example, Herzberg’s hygiene theory, Peter principles, theory X, etc… Silvia explained them accurately. In conclusion, these theories are focus in performance, outcomes and satisfaction in order to be effective.


16th February 2014

We started the class taking a Card of the Universe from Silvia’s bag. Mine said:


“We either make ourselves MISERABLE or we make ourselves…STRONG. The amount of work…is THE SAME”.

I don’t remember if I was thinking in a specific thing. It was fine for me on Monday because during the weekend I had been reflecting on how to take advantage of the opportunity to study. For me and my family means a lot of effort. So the amount of work we put on it has to be rewarded and it has to make ourselves STRONG. After sharing everybody Cards, we finished self reflections with Bill Gates quote: “If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss”. Silvia wanted to continue with theoretical class but anyone wanted. It was related to the principles of supportive communication, which they are:

Congruence: both verbal and non verbal messages match exactly what the individual is feeling. In my opinion, when you perceive that someone doesn’t respect you it’s because there is a mismatch between the content of your words and your feelings or thoughts.

Descriptive, not evaluative: we made a role-play about it. The conclusions were that we need to be objective, as much as dispassionate as possible, we have to concentrate on facts avoiding subjective interpretations and we need to describe the consequences of the behavior and to suggest an acceptable alternative. It was very interesting. I will offer myself as a volunteer for the next time! As I said before, I want my effort makes me strong!

Problem oriented, not people oriented: as the item before, we made a role-play about it. And the conclusions were that managers must focus on problems, not on people. I guess I wouldn’t be this kind of boss in the future. Unfortunately I had some unpleasant and painful experiences.

Validation: means be understood, recognized, valued and accepted. We saw a video about validation.

On Wednesday we started the class with the Cards of the Universe. This time I have no question for the Universe. It said:


“A frightened captain…makes a frightened crew…”

I used to post a photo in Instagram and the caption I wrote was “Am I a captain?” A friend of mine answer “Yes, you are! But not frightened at all !! ;)” Maybe this day I don’t feel a captain and Universe made a wake-up call to me.

We shared Cards and started discussing about languages. I mean, which is the better language to start studying, which one is the easier, why Chinese is so difficult, etc…

In spite of the interesting discussion we were having, Silvia wanted to continue with the explanation of the principles of supportive communication:

–  Specific, not global: avoid extremes and absolutes with specific statements.

Owned, not disowned: accept responsibility for our statements and behaviors. Managers must use the reality therapy in order to guide subordinates from disowning responsibility toward owned behavior.

Conjunctive, not disjunctive: there has to be equal opportunity to speak. It means not to interrupt the other and not to speak at the same time. Pauses can’t be extended. Managers must control timing, turns and topic in order to be perceived as competent and powerful. Even more, in order to be competent and powerful.

–  Listening: I think this is the hard part of the supportive communication because the previous items are related to the message you deliver and listening has to be with pay attention and responding to the other people involved.

San Valentine’s Day was coming and Silvia wanted to celebrate. It was very nice. Everyone talked about their own description of what love is. For me, LOVE builds up my life. It makes me happy, complete and a better person.

We read a sheet about the origin of this celebration and we also saw a video that mix all of the legends and supposed origins.